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Friday, July 26, 2013

Thank You, KAO Malaysia..!!

This posting goes out to KAO Malaysia for sending me these gifts. 

I do use KAO products, especially their facial foams! Sangat gemar!! Price is definitely a playing role when choosing a facial cleanser and KAO Biore has always been a famous pick.

Some time back, I used to LOVE their cooling facial wash but, it's really hard to find them around now.

Anyways...BIG THANKS to KAO for sending this. Ada Biore Facial Foam, KAO Attack, Laurier Perfect Comfort & Asience Hair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Thank you again, and do send me more!!!! Eh..??!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guitars & Ukulele...Play A Song!! #Philippines

Haaa...lompat-lompat cerita!!!

One attraction about The Philippines is that, there's this place where the shops next to each other sells guitars and ukuleles and drums and such!!

Some are handmade, some are not, but the designs and quality is good. Infact, the price is also waaaaayyyy more reasonable than those selling in Kuala Lumpur.

One of the shops

Some of the guitars

This time around, we bought 2 guitars with the stand as well. Both were in red, and one thing I really like about it, is that, when you strum, there's something about the sound. Lagu bisa jadi legendary!!!

To you guitar and ukulele lovers, make sure you google this place in The Philippines and make your way there for affordable, quality guitars!!

Alright, I got to go and catch some things to finish. 

Love! Love! Love!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy Fasting...Salam Ramadhan!


Alhamdulillah, we have managed to step into Ramadhan yet once again. I don't know how to describe this, but, yes...this Ramadhan feels a little bit different. I smell great things kissing!

This is a simple post to wish all of my Muslim Brothers & Sisters a blessed Ramadhan.

May this perfect month, grant us an abundance of happiness, blessings and flowing endless rezki. 

Ameen, Ya Rabb Al'amin...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

From Hard Rock Cafe, Manila To Some Food To Eat, Then, Straight Off To Washington!!

Annoying title, ain't it? 

This is the morning in Manila, where, we woke-up, had breakfast and went to Hard Rock Cafe, Manila. Yes, the Hard Rock that's situated in a shopping mall.

In The Cab, Verangan Mode ON!

In The Room, Verangan Jugek!!

At Hard Rock Cafe in Manila (Makati)

The Rewards!

Right after, the stomach starting grumbling and asking for food, so we had our Lunch, Tea & Dinner, all in one at The Persian Restaurant in one of the SM Malls.


Buttered Chicken

The dinner-after (not morning-after)

Just don't be surprised, in The Philippines, dogs as watch dogs are everywhere, even in the middle of a mall...also, another thing to note in The Philippines, your bags & body will be checked at each and every entrance of everywhere. Shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, etc...so, make sure, you're not carrying anything that will stop you off the queue! #BeSmart

Now, now....from the shopping malls in The Philippines, we took a mini bus to WASHINGTON wo get back home to our hotel :-) Don't worry, not only Washington is in The Philippines, even MEXICO is!

That night, we had dinner somewhere around Tune Hotel Makati. Just a stroll down the road. The price was mainly reasonable and the food was really good, Turkish food.

Beef & Chicken Kebab

Can't remember this! Some Woman thigh something!

Then, early next morning, we had to take the bus to the airport to fly back to #HomeSweetHome. 

Coffee while waiting for the flight.

AND, as usual, our flying partner, #AirAsia.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nuffnang Malaysia: Blogbuster Campaign, On The Way :-)

Click To View

Thank You, Nuffnang, for sending this to me today. Will do as promised :-)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Manila, The Philippines In A Glance :-)

Manila of The Philippines in a glance. 

There's a lot of local and arabian clubs that you can go to, to fill your nights. Arabian Clubs are recommended if you want to watch belly dancers and what not.

7 Eleven, in The Philippines should and must never ever be a LANDMARK when giving directions. Those who use 7 Eleven as a landmark should be put in a fast car and let them go speeding to wherever they want to. 

7 Eleven is like everywhere, opposite one another, on each street!! What a convenient?! :-)

The taxis. Always take note, when in The Philippines, opt for the taxis with taxi drivers that wears their uniforms. It so seemed that there are 'black taxis' where, when you ride in them, you might even get robbed by the driver. Their aims are tourists, especially females.


Our favourite Tune Hotels and the view from above. Sangat berbeda from Ermita, eventhough it's only 20 minutes away...

Sayang-sayang, this Philippines postings will be all jumpy...in fact, I can't rreally remember the 'flow'...

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe, Manila, The Philippines & The Supermarket Near-By :-)

Hard Rock Cafe, Manila, The Philippines.

We took a cab to Hard Rock Cafe, Manila for our usual t-shirt & shot glass buys. Hard Rock Cafe, Manila is located inside a shopping mall.

It's on the second or third floor, I can't remember, but it's near to TGIF.

As you can see, Manila is totally different from Ermita. It's a city by itself, and a very modern one.

Right after Hard Rock-ing, we (as usual) went to the nearest supermarket. Went to see what's cheap and what's not :-)

Looks super fresh and sweet! 

The Environment!

Nescafe's come in packs like this. One pack like that contains 10 or 15 sachets...and I think that it's cheap, dalam RM3-4 only.

But the best part is, their chicken is very expensive. ALmost RM9 per kilogram!


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